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Green Sand Machine Molding Line

In the past, we used traditional green sand manual molding method to produce iron castings, which our iron foundry has used for over 50 years. It is the half hand-made molding line. With the low-cost manpower and flexible molding methods, this line is still kept and being the excellent complimentary to the modern automatic molding line.

Currently, we are using the machine molding line to replace the tradional manual molding method. Machine moulding could garantee the same moulding pressure, and stable moulding quality, so to produce iron castings with stable dimensions and quality.

The molding machine has some difference with automatic molding line. In this process, we only use molding machine to complete moulding process, so the workers need to remove the sand moulds to other places for the following processes, such as pouring hot liquid iron and clean the sand. So, the hot iron could be kept in the sand mould as long as we need. We could break the sand mould when the iron has become very cool. However, this is almost impossible to be completed by automatic molding line.

We are using all automatic molding line, machine molding, manual molding, shell molding, resin sand molding processes for casting production. Therefore, we could use the proper casting process to produce various metal casting products.

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