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Cast Iron & Cast Steel Parts for Tugboat, Vehicle and Machinery

Dandong Foundry produces Grey Iron, Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, and Steel Castings for Tugboat, Vehicle and Many Machinery.

The main products include flying disc, wheel hub, workbench plate, steering knuckle, differential shell, cast iron pattern, cast steel tube, seal ring, flange and many brackets and blocks. In the past 50 years, we have made over 2000 kinds of cast iron and cast steel parts.

Products Show

belt pulley
small belt pulley
(ductile iron casting)
differential shell
auto differential shell
(ductile iron casting)

pipe clamp lock retainer
(ductile iron casting)
foundation plate
cast iron foundation plates
(grey iron casting)
vane wheel
vane wheel
(ductile iron casting)
iron fitting
small fitting
(iron casting)
iron casting ring
iron casting ring
(nodular iron)
cast iron wheel
cast iron wheel
(iron casting)

lost wax silica sol
investment casting

lost wax investment casting
steel casting
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