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Cast Iron Drainage Pipe Made in China

Drainage Pipe is used to emissions sewage waste water and rainwater. The fittings of drainages pipes include straight pipes, pipe fittings and auxiliary pipes.

The types of drainage pipes

The types of drainage pipes include flexible interface and rigid interface.

Flexible interface drainage pipe has better resistance to stretching and anti-seismic property. It has broad applicability.

The antiknock characteristic of rigid interface is worse. In application, the pipe body will be easily broken, and easily cause the leakage accidents. It is only fitted for low buildings or special occasions.

The materials of drainage pipes include cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic, of which cast iron is the most common material.

The advantages of cast iron drainage pipes

1. Low noise, high intensity and long service life

The graphite in cast iron has been useful to the anti-seismic, it can prevent vibration between crystalline grains and will change vibration energy into heat energy, so the noise of cast iron drainage pipe is low. The strength of cast iron is four times of PVC. Cast iron drainage pipe has better corrosion resistance and higher strength, so its life time is longer than steel drainage pipe and plastic drainage pipe.

2. Antiknock characteristic

The linear expansion coefficient of cast iron is lower, and stretch tensor is small, so cast iron drainage pipes have higher resistant to stretching, and anti-seismic property.

3. Cast iron pipes can be recycled

Cast iron does not contain toxic chemicals, no secondary pollution, so cast iron can be 100% recycled.

The application of Cast Iron Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes are used for commercial and industrial drainage applications. They can also be used on farming properties and rural applications.

Production Process of Drainage Pipes

In China, most of manufacturers use metal patterns and centrifugal casting process to produce drainage pipes. Its surface is smooth, wall thickness is more even, and production efficiency is higher.

As for the short pipes and pipe fittings, most of iron foundries in China will produce them by sand casting processes.

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