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Burner Grates for Gas Stove in China

Gas stove burners and grates are usually made by cast iron. As for the most of iron foundries in China, these stove parts are not easy to produce since they have some special requirements to the rough castings.


In USA and Japan, these cast iron stove burners and stove grates are widely used, e.g. they have large market and demand. Therefore, after years study, our foundry has leant some experience for producing these parts. Herein, I just list some main aspects for those products.


Gas stove burners, or called burner heads, usually have many small vent holes with diameter of several millimeters on the top side, these vent holes should be drilled, not by cast, and their inside surfaces must be smooth and there is no large casting defects on the surfaces since the air proof is very important for the gas burners.

Gas stove grates are also not easy to produce. They have high requirement to the flatness, and require less casting defects than other parts. Some clients will require the enameling treatment, however, it is not easy to find the enameling workshops in China.


Both burners and grates could use material of grey cast iron with grades of ASTM A48 No. 20 and No. 30, as for other standards, they should be grey iron FC150, FC200, or GG15, GG20. Since these parts do not require too high tensile strength, so these low degrees are suitable for them. The too high material grades will cause the difficulty during drilling the small vent holes on the stove burners.


Since some stove grates need enameling coating, so these grates can not use anti-rust oil or painting, but just packed in the sealed plastic bags during shipping. As for other grates and burners, they could be paint anti-rust primer painting or oil according to the requirements of clients.

In our another article, we have elaborated their production processes. So, you could check Dandong Foundry Blog to learn about it.

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